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Ford Motors How They Turned Failure Into Success

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There are many poster children for business failure. When Coca Cola introduced a new flavor it was seen as a victory for Pepsi before the marketing bandwagon even got started, and the Atlanta soda makers aren’t the only huge company to make a huge mistake. Microsoft bombed with the music service Zune and Sony spent years flogging Betamax before they finally gave up. However, the product failure that trumps all others is the Ford Edsel.

Ford introduced the car to much fanfare in 1957 with an elaborate launch called “E-Day.” Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of an MBA Versus a BA Degree

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Many people who go to college to get a bachelor’s degree aren’t sure of what they want to do after they graduate. While heading into a career straight out of college is a good idea for some students, going back to get an MBA is often the choice for those looking to excel at an executive level in future careers.

The Benefits of a BA Degree

A bachelor’s degree by itself is essential to Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking About Starting Business Without A Business Degree

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The number one thing that you do not need to start a business is an expensive degree from a business school. In fact, most business school courses are not even related to entrepreneurship. Most of what you need to be a successful business owner is already inside of you. Things like passion, determination and a great idea are things that cannot be taught in business school.

If you are planning to run your business on your own, you will need to know how to set up a basic Read the rest of this entry »

Job Dress Code: Pajamas and Slippers

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My father said it best when he told me, one day, that work and home are meant to be enjoyed separately. Work was the place you escaped to when the home drove you crazy, and home was where you could relax after the workday finished dragging you down.

Of course, this was before the internet and before there were a whole lot of opportunities when it came to working out of the house. Thanks to the internet and social networking sites, it’s now much easier.

How easy?

Well it depends on what you want to do.

Some people consult online, some people make and sell music – heck, some people even transform their homes into BnBs (that’s “bed and breakfast) if they have the property. The first two are pretty easy…the last one you might want to hold off on simply because you might need to visit site for home insurance to see if that still applies.

Really, as long as you have a talent and a service that 1) you don’t mind doing and 2) is in high demand, then you can make a home business work. Exposure is what matters and you’ll notice that even the marketing giants have Facebook and MySpace accounts to have their marketing done for them.

So can you.

You can work from home.

When to Move out of the Home Office

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Many entrepreneurs start their businesses from home. It is the most convenient and cost-effective way to start business; but there comes a point in time when a home office is no longer viable for housing a business. When a home office is no longer adequate for growing a business, and the business is profitable enough to pay for a new location, it is time for the home office to be retired.

A home office is perfect Read the rest of this entry »

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